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Qualified real estate valuation and consulting from a single source: AppCon AG (Appraisal & Consulting) is your reliable and experienced partner for professional, independent valuation as well as individual consulting services regarding all aspects of real estate. Thanks to our specialized know-how and many years of experience, we are proven experts in our field. Combined with holistic digital process optimizations, AppCon AG is a future-oriented real estate valuation and consulting company. From standard residential properties to complex special properties and extensive portfolios – we are happy to support you both nationwide and in neighboring countries.

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AppCon AG specializes in real estate valuation. We are a nationwide association of certified experts and appraisers who focus on what they excel at: sound valuation and consulting for the purchase and sale of real estate portfolios and fund properties.

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1.2Real estate valuation 4.0.

Digital change is reshaping the real estate industry. We are not only experts in the real estate market, but also provide the IT infrastructure for digital processes that enable us to recognize market developments and trends at an early stage, analyze them, and consider them in our qualified consulting. This is how we ensure a well-founded, precise, and transparent assessment of the future.

  • 50,000 euros are the bonus payment provided by the COVID 19 Hospital Relief Act for each newly installed intensive care bed.
  • 7 euros p. a. constitutes the actual investment required by German hospitals for their fixed assets. In 2018, subsidies of approximately €3 billion were distributed under the Hospital Act to cover the costs of fixed assets.
  • 4.25 percent, an increase of 25 basis points on the previous quarter, was the top yield for four- and five-star hotels in Germany's top locations in Q2/3 2020.
  • 8.8 percent occupancy was recorded by Berlin hotels in December 2020 – a decline of 88 percent compared to December 2019 (source: Fairmas).
  • 293,000 apartments were built in Germany in 2019 – an increase of 2.0 percent (5,700 apartments) compared to the previous year (source: Federal Statistical Office).
  • 244.6 billion euros: the construction volume for residential real estate in Germany in 2019 (source: ZIA).
  • 6.2 percent price increase for owner-occupied apartments recorded in German metropolitan areas from 12/2019 to 12/2020 (source: Federal Statistical Office).
  • 6.8 percent price increase for condominiums in sparsely populated rural districts in the same period (source: Federal Statistical Office)

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Our specialists at AppCon AG represent several decades of professional experience in the valuation and consulting sector combined with the latest developments in digitalization in the real estate industry. We are familiar with the market in its various phases – not only in over 15 years of continuous growth, but also in times of recession. We act independent of any interests of active market participants such as banks, brokers, portfolio holders, or project developers. Our focus: reliable, objective real estate valuation and consulting. With our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and integrated digitalization know-how, we set new standards in efficient processing at maximum quality.

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