Real Estate

2.0About us

AppCon AG is a team of real estate specialists with extensive market expertise throughout Germany, many years of valuation experience, and strong programming skills. We are certified appraisers, members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and IT specialists who focus on what they excel at: sound real estate valuation in line with legal standards, standardized procedures, and customary market methods as well as comprehensive real estate consulting and technology-oriented process optimization. Digital change is reshaping the real estate industry. We are not only familiar with the regional and national real estate markets, but also make use of an IT infrastructure geared to digital processes that enable us to identify and analyze developments and trends on the market at an early stage and considered in our qualified valuation and consulting services. This is how we ensure a well-founded, precise, and transparent derivation of results while setting new standards in efficiency and quality.

2.1Our team

Lars Blume Berlin office

Lars Blume has been a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2016 and a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since 2017. After graduating as an industrial engineer (FH), he completed a master’s degree in real estate valuation at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Since 2010 he has been actively involved in the field of real estate valuation: In addition to his work as an appraiser, he is intensively involved in the continuous development of portfolio valuation. Lars Blume is co-author of the handbook „Immobilienbewertung in der Kreditwirtschaft“ (Real Estate Valuation in the Credit Industry) published by Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg. Since 2019, he has also been a member of the HypZert specialist group “Office / CoWorking”, an expert committee that deals with the market development of CoWorking in Germany and is preparing a study to provide assistance to appraisers in the context of valuation.

Alexander Schmoranz Cologne/Rösrath office

Alexander Schmoranz has been a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since 2016 and a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2010. After completing his studies as a media economist (FH) in Cologne, he graduated as a certified appraiser (DIA) in Freiburg. In addition to his practical work as an appraiser, Alexander Schmoranz holds a teaching assignment at the ADI (Academy of Real Estate Economics / Real Estate Economics course) since 2019 in which he gives the lecture “Kreditwirtschaftliche Immobilienbewertung” (Credit Real Estate Valuation).

Antje Möhrmann Oldenburg office

Antje Möhrmann has been a certified real estate appraiser CIS HypZert (F) since 2012. After gaining a degree in business administration in Oldenburg and many years of professional experience in the construction industry as well as the banking sector, she has been working as an independent appraiser throughout Germany since 2012.

René Fabig Berlin office

René Fabig has been a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2009 and a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) since 2015. After successfully completing his studies in architecture, he gained extensive knowledge of real estate economics as well as special real estate valuation skills in a postgraduate course. In the course of his work as a real estate appraiser, René Fabig has acquired expertise in numerous special areas, including portfolio and hospital valuation. Since 2014, René Fabig has been active in an executive position with personnel responsibility. Since 2019, René Fabig has been passing on his experience and knowledge to students of the Real Estate Management course at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences as part of the lecture „Grundlagen der Immobilienbewertung“ (Fundamentals of Real Estate Valuation).

Henrike Beer Berlin office

Henrike Beer has been working as a real estate appraiser since 2017 and plans to obtain her CIS HypZert (F) certification in April 2021. After her dual studies in the field of real estate management, she gained a master’s degree in real estate valuation as part of a postgraduate program at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. In addition to specializing in the valuation of hotel properties, she has experience in the management and realization of nationwide portfolio valuations. Henrike Beer is the co-author of a technical paper on portfolio valuation titled “Handbuch Immobilienbewertung in der Kreditwirtschaft” (Handbook of real estate valuation in the credit industry) published in 2020 by Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg.

Simon Rudolph Munich office

Simon Rudolph has been working in real estate valuation since 2016. After his apprenticeship as a banker, he enrolled in a part-time “Banking and Finance” business administration course at the Fachakademie für Ökonomie und Management in Munich, which he completed in 2018. From 2016 to 2019, he worked for a German credit institution in the field of small loan real estate appraisal. Since 2019 he has been working as a real estate appraiser.

Anita Drexel Berlin office

Anita Drexel has been working in the organizational field of real estate valuation since 2009. In addition to accompanying projects and portfolios, she is dedicated to process optimization through her Master in Project and Process Management, which she completed in 2016.

Boris Liebig Munich office

Boris Liebig has been a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2020. The trained banker and certified banking specialist has many years of practical experience in the credit and real estate industry and has been active in the field of real estate valuation since 2012.

Silvio Kühne Berlin office

Silvio Kühne has been a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2011. After successfully completing his studies in architecture, he completed postgraduate studies with the degree of Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) for real estate valuation. In his first years of practice, starting in 2004, in a Berlin appraisal office, his repertoire ranged from complex valuations of entire redevelopment areas to notice compensation on allotment land. In the course of his Germany-wide and multi-layered work as an appraiser, Silvio Kühne gained in-depth legal knowledge as well as special topics such as logistics or process optimization.

Philipp Danner Munich office

Philipp Danner has been a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2018. After graduating from the IREBS in Regensburg with a degree in business administration, majoring in financing and real estate management, he has been working as a real estate appraiser since 2012.

Eliska Fechnerova Berlin office

Eliska Fechnerova is a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) since 2018. After studying historic preservation in the Czech Republic and at the Technical University of Berlin, she worked for many years as a preservationist in the fields of historic building research and inventory. She has been active in real estate appraisal since 2009. In 2012, she completed the course “Bewertung von bebauten und unbebauten Grundstücken und Beleihungswertermittlung” at the IHK Berlin. In 2017, she obtained the certification as a real estate valuer CIS HypZert (S).

Eric Reuter Frankfurt office

Eric Reuter has been a certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (S) since 2015, CIS HypZert (F) since 2016, a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since 2017 and a publicly appointed and sworn expert for the valuation of developed and undeveloped properties by the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2021. After graduating with a Master’s degree in real estate valuation from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, he has been working in real estate valuation since 2011. His employers included an appraisal office based in Berlin and an internationally active capital management company. Most recently, Mr. Reuter was entrusted with the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. Furthermore, he has been lecturing on the topic of mortgage lending value determination at the TU Darmstadt since 2016.

2.2Figures & facts

As an ambitious, young company with flat hierarchies, we are always looking for new talent. We believe in sustainable corporate development, further training, and a good working atmosphere. Our workplaces are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology; our work schedules are flexible; our employees are not tied to a specific location. In line with our philosophy: challenge meets support.

  • 100% digital processes
  • 365 days a year sound advice
  • 24/7 real estate database updated
  • 1,000,000,000 property information
  • 4 company locations covering the north, south, east, and west of Germany

2.3Appraisal and Consulting

Real estate concerns are a matter of trust. We therefore value the personal contact to our clients just as much as the active exchange with our network in the real estate industry. Our client spectrum covers a wide range of segments and includes, among others, credit institutions, real estate funds, capital management companies, family offices, real estate companies, tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and private investors. Regardless of the different requirements of each client group, our clients have one thing in common: they can always rely on our utmost reliability, effectiveness, and professionalism.

Residential real estate

Whether it’s a condominium or a multi-family house, a vacation chalet, or an undeveloped plot of land. We offer valuations of all asset classes for individual properties and portfolios. We prepare market and traffic appraisals according and mortgage lending value appraisals according to German law, as well as property developer appraisals, ratings, and value indications for a preliminary valuation.

Commercial and special real estate

Our references include not only all types of commercial properties, hotels, and retail properties such as shopping centers, but also special properties such as clinics and municipal buildings. Our well-founded appraisals are based on smart software solutions for an audit-proof valuation. For many years, credit institutions, companies, and private clients have relied on our expertise.

2.4Our philosophy

Our passion: first-class real estate valuation. Our driving force: innovation. We embrace digitization to develop software solutions that are fit for the future. Because we believe that only sound advice will allow you to make a well-informed, clear decision.

  • Reliability

    Reliability is our guiding principle. Whether it’s a market-driven valuation or professional consulting, our primary goal is to deliver both our appraisals and our consulting services in the highest possible quality, on time and on budget.

  • Digital processes

    We use the latest software developments to digitize the required data which we then assess with our high level of expertise and decades of experience in the real estate industry.

  • Trust

    Our customers trust in our efficient, state-of-the-art evaluation processes. We believe that the trust placed in us is a great privilege and are not satisfied until our customers are.

2.5At your service