Real Estate

3.0From consulting to valuation

We are your reliable partner for true-to-market, well-founded analyses, appraisals, and evaluations of real estate. As qualified and certified appraisers, we advise you on properties of all asset classes – developed or undeveloped land, residential, commercial, or special real estate – providing clarity and transparency in decision-making.

3.1Our range of services

Individual valuation for all types of property

Residential real estate from condominiums to residential complexes // Commercial real estate from offices to shopping centers and logistics facilities // Operator real estate from hotels to care facilities // Educational facilities such as kindergartens, day care centers, and schools // Special real estate such as hospitals, sports facilities, or amusement parks

Market and mortgage lending value appraisals

We prepare market and mortgage lending value appraisals for all types of real estate based on recognized and standardized procedures.

Market value appraisals

We prepare all market value appraisals independently, free of directives, conscientiously, individually, and unbiased to the best of our knowledge and belief.


Real estate portfolio valuations are called for on a variety of occasions. These include, for example, portfolio transactions when selling real estate or shares of the real estate portfolio, financing, accounting, or securitization.

Value indications

A value indication is a written estimate of a property’s value based on information provided by the client and a site inspection.

Value audits and value updates

In the credit process, further tasks such as value audits and value updates arise in addition to the preparation of value appraisals. We provide you with nationwide support based on our high level of expertise.

Construction Status Reports

A construction progress report is a report on the status of work in the construction of a building. It presents the percentage of completion of the shell, finishes, and exterior, as well as any complaints and the value of the construction completed to date.

Economic analyses of the real estate sector

We make market data transparent and provide a well-founded basis for decision-making by conducting analyses of the situation in the construction industry and studies of the German real estate market.

Site, property, and object analyses

We conduct a detailed site and property analysis to assess the infrastructure of the site and the properties.

Portfolio structuring

Investment strategies must be continuously adjusted to the changing conditions of the time. Portfolio structuring is an investment strategy in which investments in a portfolio are distributed to achieve the highest possible profit while minimizing risk.

Valuation of all asset classes

Asset classes is a term used in the real estate industry to distinguish between the construction, use, and quality of different properties. These include so-called superordinate asset classes such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, and special real estate, subdivided into several subclasses.

3.2Nationwide real estate valuation

AppCon AG is an association of certified appraisers and surveyors who pool their expertise to provide sound real estate valuation and consulting services throughout Germany. With locations in Berlin, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria, we ensure a constant flow of regional market information while providing the flexibility required for your property inspections.

Berlin Headquarter

Our AppCon AG headquarters are located right on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. Looking for a certified appraiser? We are your reliable partner for all questions concerning property valuation, regardless of whether the object of valuation is an undeveloped plot of land, commercial property, vacation resort, or special property.

AppCon AG
Kurfürstendamm 70
10709 Berlin

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Cologne/Rösrath office

Our Cologne/Rösrath offices are located at the gates of the cathedral city in the Bergisches Land region. If you are based in North Rhine-Westphalia, need a valuation, or advice on a property in Western Germany, feel free to contact our site manager and real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) Alexander Schmoranz. He has been consulting credit institutions as well as business and private clients in the region for many years.

AppCon AG
Hofferhofer Str. 12
51503 Rösrath

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Oldenburg office

Should you need advice or valuation of a property in Northern Germany, please do not hesitate to contact our certified real estate valuer CIS HypZert (F) Antje Möhrmann. She manages our offices in the heart of Oldenburg and has longstanding professional experience in the construction industry and banking sector throughout Germany.

AppCon AG
Donnerschweer Str. 49
26123 Oldenburg

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Munich office

You are in need of a consultation or the valuation of a property in the area of Bavaria? Our real estate appraiser Simon Rudolph will be very happy to asssist you at our office in Munich. To contact him, please use our contact form.

AppCon AG
Munich office

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3.3Our credentials

Our appraisers are members of HypZert, the leading certification body for real estate appraisers in the financial sector, as well as of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS, the Federal Association of Real Estate Investment Experts BIIS, the Federal Association of Publicly Certified, Sworn, and Qualified Experts e.V. (BVS), and the Society for Real Estate Research (gif).


Asset-effective decisions require reliable real estate appraisals. For years, our independent, qualified, and certified experts have been providing well-founded, objective appraisals and concepts throughout Germany. With offices in Berlin, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria, we represent nationwide market knowledge, experience, and innovation. Owing to our supra-regional presence, we are able to constantly collect regional market information that we assess in the context of nationwide developments.


Our commitment to quality is reflected in the continuous training of our colleagues. National and international certifications attest to the professionalism of our work. Our colleagues also hold a variety of teaching positions and lectures, for example at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, the Technical University of Berlin, the vdp Pfandbrief Academy in Frankfurt, and the Academy of the Real Estate Industry (ADI) in Düsseldorf. At the same time, we use the digitalization and analysis of databases to continuously optimize our processes and valuation quality.


To assess means to compare, which requires the largest possible pool of comparative parameters. We draw on daily updated real estate data for our analyses and base our valuations on verifiable figures. Our tried and tested software solutions are tailored to our needs and continuously optimized for future-oriented valuation and real estate consulting.

3.4How to reach us